Special Offerings

  • Tutoring Hour
  • California Achievement Test
  • Non-test assessments
  • Woodcock Johnson
  • National Institute for Learning Development Program (NILD) Program (nild.org)
  • Individual Education Plans
Tutoring Hour

A tutoring hour is available for some classes on Tuesdays mornings free of charge for students who need extra help with homework. We also have peer tutors available if students need one-on-one help. Please talk to your lead teacher if you would like to meet with a tutor. *

* In some cases, students might require ongoing and in-depth tutoring to help them be successful in their academic classes. This situation would require working with a paid tutor.

California Achievement Test

All grade-levels of the standardized California Achievement Test are offered in the spring. Check the school calendar for the 2021 dates. Tests are hand-scored on the last day of the testing week.

Free to enrolled families. $15.00 for siblings who are not enrolled, $30 for non-enrolled families. $10 grading fee is optional.

Non-Test Assessments

Non-test assessments are offered to families who prefer not to take the California Achievement test.  This test, administered individually to students, covers reading, writing, grammar, mathematics and spelling.  Grade levels for each subject are provided as well as curriculum suggestions.

Fee:  $150

Christina South, Coordinator

KTEA (Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement)

Sometimes more in-depth testing is needed to gain more information to better help a student. The KTEA is an individually administered nationally standardized test administered by qualified personnel. The test questions are read aloud and/or silently by either the proctor or the student, and the student responds verbally or with some writing. Test results are available within one week and includes a one-half hour consultation. The KTEA includes 19 different subtests.

Subjects Tested:

  • Reading: comprehension, vocabulary, basic skills, phonics and word attack
  • Mathematics: computation, reasoning and application of basic skills
  • Language: knowledge, skills, expression, punctuation, spelling, grammar

Benefits of the KTEA Tests and our service:

  • Friendly, personable testing in your home or other comfortable location
  • Positive testing experience that encourages student(s) to excel
  • In general, the test is not timed (therefore, less pressure on the student)
  • Includes fluency tests in reading, writing, math, and word decoding.
  • Visual and verbal (many sections do not involve any writing)
  • May help identify errors caused by a student’s reading difficulties
  • Good for all ages, grades and abilities, but especially for slow starters or learning/reading disabilities
  • Provides you with feedback on your student’s performance
  • May help you pinpoint areas of natural aptitude
  • May help you discover your child’s learning style
  • Requires one to four hours per student.
  • May be used as a screening (not diagnosis) for dyslexia.
  • Parents choose which subtests to include.

Fee: $200

Christina South, Coordinator

Special Needs

National Institute for Learning Development (NILD) Discovery Program

A Program to Ensure Success for All Learners implementing the National Institute for Learning Development (NILD) Approach

We understand…

  • Not all students learn in the same ways.
  • Children are unique, so approaches to teaching and learning should be, too.
  • Learning challenges can be overcome, and IQ scores can be raised.

For some children, such as those with learning disabilities, and/or those who may be one to three grades behind their peers academically, the academic foundation could be weak. But when the right tools are used in a learner-appropriate setting—tools that tackle learning issues at the source—the foundation and building blocks for learning move into place, creating a firm foundation.

Most teaching uses only sight and sound, but the NILD multi-sensory approach uses these senses plus touch (tactile) and movement (kinetic) to enhance memory and learning. An NILD educational therapist uses interactive, multi-faceted techniques to help struggling students think and learn effectively.

The Socratic teaching model is based on asking and answering questions to stimulate critical thinking. This non-rote learning shapes and focuses reasoning, illuminates ideas, and creates independent thinkers.

NILD therapists: Christina South and Amy Tucker

Cost: $4,000 for the school year

Contact Christina South for full details.

Visit Pathways Northwest for more information on NILD services for Hill Creek.

Individual Education Plan

We believe that God has fearfully and wonderfully made each of us as unique individuals. Our mission is to compassionately identify the needs of students and partner with parents to offer and implement solutions so each student can grow to his or her highest potential, to the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ, until He returns. To that end, we offer special accommodations through an Individual Education Plan to qualifying students.

Contact Amorah Nelson to schedule a consultation.