Hill Creek Christian Board Meeting

October 14, 2019


Call to Order:

    At 6:30 PM, Joseph called the meeting to order and opened with prayer.  Julie read Philippians 2:14.

    Members present:  Joseph Hunter, Merry Holland, Dennis Weems, Amorah Nelson, Steve & Patty Huey, Julie Skawski, Erin Johns & Claire Hansen

    Also present:  Pastor Tim Drumm


Welcome Visitors & Public Comment:

    Pastor Drumm expressed a need for a base-level Bible class to be offered at Hill Creek Christian (HCC) that would instill in each student a much-needed, solid foundation in Scripture and the truth the Gospel brings.

    A lengthy discussion ensued pertaining to how to enforce the requirement of such a class, what process should be used for other suggested classes in the future, how would such classes agree with Academy Northwest’s requirements, would families want these classes, and how far should we reach as a ministry of Emmanuel Baptist Church (EBC).


    **The motion was made by Patty to establish an ad hoc committee to support Pastor Drumm with his immediate request.  Seconded by Julie. Motion passed.  Members of the committee will be Patty, Amorah, Julie and Pastor Drumm.


    **The motion was made by Joseph to form an ad hoc committee for long-term curriculum development review.  Seconded by Merry. Motion Passed. Members of this committee will be Joseph, Amorah and Merry.



    Financials: (Steve)

    Admin./Academic Lead Report: (Amorah/Dennis)

        A new student has been enrolled.

        The first fire drill has been planned.

        There is a need for an auction head.

        The raffle had good results.

        There will be either a dinner or dessert theatre in April.

        The website is being worked on, but is not completed. Joseph expressed the need for HCC information provided at the Connection Desk and in the weekly bulletin re: board meetings, etc.

        Amorah said that HCC will be a center for the Classic Learning Test.


    Report on Goal-Setting/Strategic Planning: (Joseph)

        Strategic planning and goals will be ready when there is more time for development.

Conflict resolution is in Pastor Geeslin’s hands.


Action Items:

    Consent Agenda: (All)

The Staff Handbook has been moved to a future meeting.

**The motion was made by Joseph to accept the Consent Agenda.  Seconded by Erin. Motion passed.


Elder Board Letter: (Joseph/Dennis)

A letter has been written to the Elder Board with recommended items for them to consider in determining HCC becoming an established ministry of EBC.

**The motion was made by Joseph to approve the letter to the Elder Board, and for Joseph and Dennis to present it at the Elder Board’s next meeting.  Seconded by Julie.  Motion passed.


Plan for goal-setting based upon Elder Board’s Criteria: (All)

**Joseph motioned that we use the criteria presented in the letter to the Elder Board for our goal-setting efforts.  Seconded by Claire.  Motion passed.

Feedback regarding this criteria at HCC will be from Amorah.


Job Description/process for announcing/hiring HCC Administrator (Joseph)

**Joseph made the motion that we table the Job Description until our next meeting. Seconded by Julie.  Motion passed.

Patty offered to share scripture at our next Board Meeting on Monday, November 11th, 2019. Dennis closed in prayer.  The motion was made to adjourn.  Motion passed. Meeting adjourned at 9:10 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

    Claire Hansen, Board Secretary