About Hill Creek Christian

We are pleased to share our program with you and your children. Once you have read about our school, you might desire to visit us. Feel free to contact us to schedule your classroom observation and follow-up “no obligation” consultation.

Our School

Founded in 1994, Hill Creek Christian, a satellite school of Academy Northwest, is a Christian preparatory liberal arts home-school support program offering challenging academics in grades 3-12 in the areas of written expression, English grammar, literature, classical studies, history, math, science and foreign language.

Educational Mission

We attract students who desire a challenging, Christian education. Our college preparatory program teaches students to view themselves as competent learners and encourages them to seek higher education. Our goal is to place graduates into the public arena as competitive, competent individuals with an unwavering Christian worldview. Our mission is based upon two main principles: academic excellence and institutional independence. Professional teachers offer rigorous classes and federal and/or state taxpayer funding is not accepted.

Rigorous academics offer students the opportunity to earn academic excellence and achievement recognition. Students are encouraged to volunteer at HCC and in the surrounding communities. We believe that our academic standards and volunteer opportunities nurture intellectual and social growth while building strong character.

Our Program

Hill Creek is unique. Students attend each class seminar once or twice per week where they are taught using the direct instruction model with emphasis on participation; however, within this model, teachers use additional approaches to boost student success. Students are given weekly assignments for each class. Assignments are completed at home and are typically due at the next weekly class.

In addition to weekly classes, HCC offers a variety of other services. We offer academic tutoring as well as testing (see Special Offerings page for all the services offered). Consulting services are available for courses which families choose to complete independently at home.

Mandatory conferences are held each quarter, although parents have the option of meeting every month to ensure academic success in HCC classes and home studies. Parents and students can check academic progress using Engrade, an online grading program. Hill Creek believes that the best education occurs when there is a close working relationship among teacher, student, and parent.

All completed high school coursework is graded and is placed on an official transcript accredited by the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools (NAAS). Students have the opportunity to earn a basic, general or college preparatory diploma. Many students earn academic scholarships to four-year colleges. In recent years graduating seniors were offered in excess of $1,000,000 in college scholarships and grants, and accepted in excess of $500,000.

Additional Services

Hill Creek is a school of inclusion where students with learning differences are included within the regular classroom. Qualifying students are given various accommodations including extra time and additional help outside the class. Parents are also invited to explore the benefits of National Institute for Learning Development (NILD) educational therapy. Educational therapy addresses the underlying causes of learning problems rather than treating symptoms.

Join Our School

Whether you are a Hill Creek returning family or a perspective new family, we enthusiastically welcome you to the 2018-2019 school year!

We are excited to share our program with you and your children. Once you have read about our school, you might desire to visit us. Feel free to contact us to schedule your classroom observation.


The Hill Creek Faculty and Staff